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Everything you need to know about Orane’s Digital Signature within SAP – EasySign


In today’s era where technology has taken a deep drive into humans and their daily life, any task especially manual task which are repetitive needs to be digitalized, and here the major challenge comes which is observed commonly is the signing of documents. Yes, manual signing 100’s of documents daily is a difficult and time taking process that can be resolved through the adoption of Digital Signature within your SAP system and the time saved can be used in many other important tasks. Nowadays with the emergence of technology one need to work smarter rather than harder for a longer duration. Many studies also found out that if manual and repetitive tasks can be omitted or redesigned it will directly lead to an increase in the productivity of an employee.

With the rise in a pandemic, again and again, Digital signatures have now become an integral part of enterprises since with the help of Digital Signatures you can sign from anywhere to anybody, it does not stumble your work. It is also observed that many firms need to pause their businesses due to the manual signing process but if you opted for Digital Signature regulatory of work is sure and you can carry on your business.

Difference between Digital Signature and E-signature?

Many people are often confused between Digital Signature and E-signature because both seem to be inter-contracted but have a lot of differences. Everyone was inclined towards e-signature due to its flexibility like those who don’t like to do a signature in their device with just moving a cursor around, but the easiness also has some challenges like an issue in data integrity, loss of data, temperament with the document, etc. But Digital Signature here wins the situation since they are 100% secure and safe to use since they have secure cryptography through which even if the document is altered it will tiger the person. Businesses before taking any decision should verify each aspect of it. Digital Signature is very secure and increased the transparency of online documents which builds mutual trust between both the parties since it also carries your fingerprint and if after signature someone tries to temper the document you can get to know easily. Digital Signature is also a kind of E-Signature but has better security.

Benefits of Opting Orane Digital Signature with SAP – EasySign

1. Cost Optimization – Many people have a different view on this point. Yes, Digital signature does require a cost since it’s an add-on to your ERP but in the long run, this cost you’re incurred in purchasing will give you many benefits. You can directly see a great change in your ROI and some things which are in-kind like an Increase in employee productivity, change in work pattern, etc. You can sign a downfall in your administrative cost since the printing work, manual signing, shipping, and courier of documents, etc. will be saved, and hence your administrative and operating costs will decrease drastically.

2. Time saver and efficient – By moving one step ahead in making your process digital, we also make sure that our people receive maximum profits out of it. Due to better workflow in SAP Delays are and the process is smooth in working. In today’s world time is said to be more important than money and hence saving time means you are saving money which is directly possible since the moving and signing of documents from one table to one department generally takes a day or so which with the help of EasySign can be reduced to few hours this is how work is so efficient.

3. Data safety and Security: Digital signatures are way too secured and safe due to their making of data integrity. Most of the organization has already moved their system digitally from manually due to this trust. Things like duplicity of the document, tempering with a document. Multiple signing etc can be stopped directly since all the documents are time-stamped and approved by the signer. Signers have also given certain codes and passwords that are locked in approval hence data is safe and tested in every step also, they work in public cryptography providing extremely high data security.

Why opt for EasySIgn:

We are a team of experts who are working day and night in and around SAP to make it more flexible and feasible for our customers. EasySign is quite flexible since it uses adobe forms which are PDF-based and SAP interactive which gives the benefit of easily customizing it depending upon the need and requirement of the business. It can easily integrate with your in-house DMS system which again gives you a seamless process flow to work. EasySign can easily automate your process for sales invoices, purchase orders, credit notes, debit notes, form16, HR forms such as offer letters, challans, and other organization-specific documents which can be signed digitally and can be stored on-premises or in an SAP environment.

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