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Digital Signature within SAP – A new era of signing your docs digitally

Introduction As we know the today’s era of technologies. In the traditional way, a document or a contract gets signed by hand. For this, the digitally produced document must be printed out, signed, scanned, and saved. Consequently, acquiring the signature interrupts t…

SAP Signature Automation- From Days to Minutes

Introduction Today’s competitive supply chain marketplace dynamic leaves little room for inefficiency. Over the last decade, supply chain technology has revolutionized the products, information and cash flow in a supply chain. Whether the firm is horizontally or verti…

MyJoining Blog | 5 Deadly Sins of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is crucial for your employee’s productivity and retention. Learn about the mistakes made by organizations in onboarding their employees in our latest Blog: 5 Deadly Sins of Employee Onboarding. Are you sure that your organization is not making any fatal mistakes i…

Comprehensive Guide for SAP Outsourcing

SAP Outsourcing – lets first understand what outsourcing is before going to talking about how does it helps the Organization to reduce the total cost Operation on IT processes? Outsourcing is the process of taking help from third-party vendors in the bu…

10 Reasons why you should opt for migrating to SAP Cloud ERP

We live in an era where everything is growing at a very fast pace and it’s strenuous for any business organization to be in competition with others if you are still following the traditional ways in the SAP domain. It becomes cumbersome and being rigid can compromise your ability to sca…

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